Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt 2024: Post-event Wrap-up with People10

“Here are the key takeaways and experiences from our discussions with some of the brightest minds at the event, offering a wealth of insights.”

People10 was a part of the Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt- Germany’s leading event for cloud technology. Led by our Business Managers- Nesamani Divakar (Nes) and Fahad Salim, the two-day event on 22nd-23rd May 2024 was thought-provoking with insightful keynotes and passionate discussions with industry experts who visited our booth. 

Our representatives showcased and discussed People10’s offerings such as Cloud consulting, Cloud migration, Cloud optimization, DevOps, Data management, Information security, data migration, end-to-end cloud migration, data security, and compliance, among other solutions.

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About the Event

With over 6,000 attendees and more than 400+ experts sharing their knowledge at speaker sessions, the event at Messe Frankfurt provided a unique opportunity to meet leading figures from the IT industry, connect with peers, and discover the latest trends and innovations shaping the future. Immersing yourself in the world of technology was an amazing experience. 

The Cloud Expo Europe co-located three events- “Cloud & Cyber Security Expo”, “Data Centre World”, and “Big Data & AI World”. These events provided comprehensive insights into various aspects of technology, helping us expand our knowledge and understand the advancements shaping a better digital future. 

People10 was able to present our services and offerings near the DevOps theatre at booth #K093, a strategic location where esteemed industry leaders from various companies visited us. Some included Sheron Anthony Jayamuni (Founder, CEO) Tech Ninjas Global Ltd., Torsten Seidl (Delivery Lead) Mainova AG, Peter Pelafigue (CTO) US Army, Danko Nikolic (CEO) Robots Go Mental, Hussnain Raza (Software Architect) Elektrobit GmbH, and Andreas Weiss (Managing Director) eco - Association of the Internet Industry.

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Speakers Taking the Spotlight

A distinguished lineup of 400+ speakers, representing leading innovators in cloud computing and DevOps shared inspiring stories, thought-provoking ideas, and conversations around the future of tech. A few among them were Ava Chawla, (Global Director of Cloud Security, Algosec), Vito Critti, ( VP of Sales Cloud & Security, Convotis), Thomas Ullrich, ( Hybrid Cloud Lead, Health, IBM), Marius Zaharia, (Cloud Solutions Architect, Societe Generale), and Simon Justnes, (COO, Green Mountain).

The meaningful topics discussed by these leaders included Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Cloud & Cyber Security, and DevSecOps. Their experience in various domains has been cultivated through different roles and perceiving enormous potential following closely the evolution of the cloud. 

Whether attendees sought to explore new opportunities or enhance their cloud infrastructure, the speaker sessions provided unparalleled access to knowledge.

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Looking to elevate your cloud infrastructure and maximize your business potential?

People10 at Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt

As People10 prepared for Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt, our team eagerly anticipated showcasing our innovative cloud solutions and contributing to digital transformation. This event was a dynamic platform to inspire new ideas and establish valuable connections within the ever-evolving cloud technology landscape. At the Expo, our exhibitors engaged with industry professionals, exploring collaborative opportunities to drive innovation and growth.

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt was not just another event but a gateway to explore cutting-edge advancements and trends in cloud technology. From groundbreaking SaaS products to revolutionary solutions built on cloud services, the Expo unveiled innovations reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We were thrilled to dive into panel discussions, and interactive sessions on the key challenges and opportunities in the cloud technology landscape, gaining deep insights into AI-powered cloud services.

After the first day of the event, Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt organized the MyFest evening event for all the exhibitors, providing a unique opportunity to connect, network with industry peers, share ideas, and build valuable relationships. It was a fantastic event and a highlight of the Expo, allowing us to mingle and foster new connections in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Overall, Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt was an enriching experience for People10. We presented our latest innovations, including a comprehensive cloud management platform designed to streamline operations and enhance security, receiving positive feedback and interest from attendees. We left the Expo inspired and more determined than ever to lead the charge in the cloud technology sector, committed to driving digital transformation and delivering solutions that empower businesses to achieve their goals.

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Seeking deeper insights into our offerings and how they can transform your business?

Key Takeaways

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt 2024 was a learning experience and a reaffirmation of our strategic directions and practices. As we gear up for the upcoming fiscal year, the insights gained from the expo will guide our efforts in helping organizations optimize their cloud and on-premise infrastructures globally.

  • To identify new partnership prospects within the tech industry to form strategic alliances and elevate collective capabilities to new levels.
  • To establish valuable networking connections and explore collaborative opportunities in cloud transformations and digital innovation.
  • To customize our services to better meet specific client needs in cloud transformations and digital innovation, ensuring tailored solutions that yield tangible results and success.
  • To engage in discussions with potential partners to foster collaborations that drive innovation and growth in the cloud technology sector.
  • To explore integration opportunities with complementary services from other companies to enhance our value proposition and broaden our digital reach.
  • To deliver top-tier solutions to clients, ensuring alignment with the latest trends and advancements in cloud technology.

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