People10 to Sponsor TechDay 2019

TechDay NYC is coming up and we are excited to showcase what we can do here at People10.  With over 20,000 people registered to attend and 300 startups exhibiting, TechDay is the largest startup event in America, and features many opportunities to network, gain insights, and learn about what other companies believe will be the upcoming trends.

Here at People10, we are excited to share our work as well as see what other developments are taking place.  We are excited to have access to directors of top accelerator programs, and join a community of like minded individuals who are excited to gain insights through talks throughout the day.  By networking with other leaders in the technology field and connecting with seasoned investors, we hope to gain deeper insights in how to keep our newest technology up to date and easy to use.  Past participants of TechDay included Uber, FabFitFun, and Vimeo. These companies have (to nobody’s surprise) retired from the event. We hope to follow in their footsteps and learn more about what can drives innovation and new technology.  As People10 grows, we hope that TechDay will offer us a chance to meet with new people and companies, and help grow our ideas especially relating to our newest product.

We are especially hoping to meet with people from different news sources, to spread the word about our product.  Some representatives will be from

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes
  • The Washington Post
  • TechCocktail

And many more.  We hope to inform the masses about what machine learning is and how companies can implement it.

We hope to do so because our latest endeavor is a machine learning platform called Skyl. It aims to make machine learning at scale accessible for everyone. The worlds most fast growing businesses utilize machine learning platforms in everything they do from making user experience higher quality to recommendation systems that keep every user satisfied.  We will showcase our newest technology to make the type of system that tech giants have utilized to grow their companies accessible to any company.

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