People10 is Great Place to Work® Certified


People10, an 'award-winning' global software development partner specializing in enterprise digitalization and product engineeringfor customers worldwide, is now Great Place to Work®-Certified in India.

People10 has always believed in not just working smarter, but happier and all our efforts were aligned to creating and maintaining a culture of integrity, diversity and strong business ethics and being a Great Place to Work®-Certified is a testimony to the efforts that all our employees have put in making us better every day. Today 96% of our employees agree that People10 is a great place to work !

About Great Place to Work:

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on building, sustaining and recognizing High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM at workplaces. GPTW perspectives are crafted by learning from great leaders, surveying millions of employees, and examining thousands of the best workplaces around the globe. Great Place to Work® Institute has conducted pioneering research on the characteristics of great workplaces for over 30 years. Great Place to Work® Institute partners more than 10,000 organizations every year around the world to help create and sustain a High-Trust, High Performance Culture™.

People10's journey to Great Place to Work® Certification

Great Place to Work® has a unique certification process through which they administered surveys with People10's employees and collected their anonymous feedbacks about the organization.

We are especially encouraged by the fact that we scored exceedingly well on all the dimensions of the survey. Here are some of the highlights from the survey.

This certification is validation of our efforts in building a high trust and high-performance work culture and thereby creating an enviable organization with a team of enthusiastic people.

At People10, we have always strived to nurture a workplace that maximizes people potential based on a strong foundation of values and culture. We have always put in great focus to strengthen our people practices aimed at enhancing employee experience. Our practices include:

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Workplace:

Equal opportunities for all employees and eligible applicants seeking for employment in our company regardless of level, role, tenure, background, caste, religion, color, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability or any other category as protected by applicable law.

When recruiting, developing and promoting our employees, our decisions will be based solely on performance, merit, competence and potential

Equal benefits for all employees across all levels

Fast track career opportunities:

Promotions to high performance, high potential employees to occupy senior positions regardless of the experience levels. Employees are promoted to the roles of Technical leads, Technical Managers, Technical architects, Project Leads, Engineering manager roles from individual contributors roles in short period of time

Opportunities for lateral career movements based on employee aspirations & career interest - Ex: Opportunity for QA to move into scrum master role, Software engineer to Business Analysts role etc

Ample opportunities for employees to be part of organizational level initiatives on both people programs and technical programs

Quality of work - latest technologies & automation with ample learning

Informal work culture, no micromanagement , approachable leadership

Open door policy - This encourages all employees to connect with the leadership teams or management to discuss and share ideas & suggestions. This forum is also used to discuss growth opportunities within the organization. This has helped People10 in implementing new people programs and also better employee experiences.

We offer various platforms to share ideas - Meeting with the department heads, team level brainstorming sessions, One - one meeting with management, various opportunities to implement ideas by giving ownership in the hands of employees to drive these programs or ideas.

Zero tolerance towards biases, favoritism, harassment & politics at the workplace. Everyone are treated with dignity and respect

Unbiased promotions, equal recognition & rewards

Strong Leadership Team:

A strong leadership team who truly invests in developing people at all levels

Our leaders are committed to creating a conducive work environment built on tolerance, understanding, mutual cooperation and respect

Our leaders help employees feel connected through frequent one-to-one conversations, provide mentorship, show appreciation and reinforce culture.

Our leaders strongly believe in empowering employees and create a culture of autonomy that empowers individuals to solve problems and ignite the power of innovation.

People10 Care Giving Benefits:

Flexi working hours - We believe in results than hours spent at work

Sabbatical leave policy for all employees to balance between work and personal life

Paternity leave for new fathers

We offer special benefits for women employees and new moms to help them balance priorities such as flexi working hours, extended maternity leave as nursing care for new born, work from home options, part-time working options for women returning from maternity / miscarriage.

People10 returnship program for professionals who are rejoining the workforce after an extended period of absence.

Where do we go from here?

Great Place to Work® certification has helped us gain meaningful insights about People10 work culture and this will further strengthen our efforts to enhance the employee experience. Furthermore, this will help us recruit new talents who are passionate to join our growing team and create new waves in our vibrant work culture.

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