Groovy & Grails – 30% faster Web App Development

So, you want to develop a web application for your business in the least lead time and also monetize it faster? And you are discovering the right web application development framework?

There are many factors contributing to shorter lead time right from the idea conception to idea implementation, the most important factor being the programmer productivity. The greater the productivity of the programmers, the sooner they can finish their work, and the sooner you can get your product to market. Getting the product/service out at the fastest possible time is not the only goal, equally essential is the increased quality, minimal rework and the most important that it also scales well for the future.

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The essence in choosing the right framework should not only be based on quick development but also on how it scales. Protecting past investments is also clearly a driving force in search for the ideal web framework for developing future applications.

Let us discover how Groovy and Grails enables developing scalable web applications faster by being a hybrid of the dynamic Ruby on Rails and the robust Java.


Grails is an open source web application framework which uses the Groovy programming language (which is in turn based on the Java platform). It is intended to be a high-productivity framework by following the “coding by convention” paradigm, providing a stand-alone development environment and hiding much of the configuration detail from the grails developer. Grails’ choice of Groovy and all the other components it uses makes it a very compelling platform for high-traffic and complex applications.

Grails builds on several well-established software frameworks, and combines their functionality via Groovy. These frameworks include Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE, JEE), Spring, Hibernate and Quartz. Grails combines the speed of scripting languages with the stability and security of Java and is therefore ideally suited for enterprise use.


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The intention behind Groovy is not to replace the Java programming language.

Instead, Groovy and Java, each should contribute with its respective strengths to “smooth out some of the speed bumps that have historically slowed down the Java development process.

The role of Groovy is to simplify tasks that are tedious in Java. “Where the Java programming language is exacting, Groovy is expedient. Where the Java programming language is extensive, Groovy is convenient” Scott Davis


Groovy and Grails provides best of both worlds – Reduced time to market + Scalability

Businesses now want faster time to market and they also want to sustain in the market by having scalability. Groovy and Grails provides the best of both the worlds. By being an enhanced version of Rails, it provides the surge in productivity, much needed for faster time to market and being based on a JVM framework, gives the robustness and scalability needed for sustaining oneself in the market.

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While Groovy and Grails meets expectations with Ruby on Rails on some factors, it exceeds expectations in some others by utilizing the foundation of Java that it is based on.













To discover more about how Groovy and Grails can make the web development faster and scalable, the proof of concept and how groovy and grails blends well with agile development concepts, download our white paper on Groovy and Grails.


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