People10 Fueling Innovation: A Glimpse into Our Tech Maverick’s Quest for Gen AI Ideas

In the dynamic world of technology, where companies that thrive are those committed to innovation and continuous improvement, People10 proudly hosted a GenAI-powered event a few months ago. This initiative brought together multiple teams, showcasing a remarkable display of creativity and ingenuity in the quest for innovation.

Each of the 10 brilliant teams, armed with a unique identity and a passion for innovation, eagerly took the stage. They showcased their GenAI ideas with unparalleled enthusiasm, ensuring that every demo was a testament to their readiness and excitement, all within an impressive 10-minute timeframe. This event not only highlighted our teams' technical prowess but also emphasized the collaborative spirit and dedication that drives us to stay at the forefront of the tech industry.

Moreover, these groundbreaking ideas were meticulously mapped out, leveraging our deep industry insights gained from collaborating with tech leaders. This ensured that each solution directly addressed the real-world challenges businesses are facing, making the event a true testament to our commitment to driving meaningful innovation.

Let’s have a look at the GenAI ideas of each team. 

GenAI Visionaries: Illuminating the Path to Innovation

Team 1: QAIGen

In a world where testing new web application features can be cumbersome, QAIGen stepped up to simplify the process. 

Team Members: Avinash Pagunta, Pankaj Suryavanshi, Saikat Patra, Santhosh Philip, Uma Sankaran

Problem: Simplifying BDD Step Definitions

When introducing new features to a web application, the QA/Dev collaboration encounters a challenge — the need to invest additional effort in crafting BDD (Behavior-driven Development) step definitions for testing. This manual process consumes valuable time and resources, hindering efficiency.

Solution: Automatic Gherkin Format Generator

QAIGen addressed this pain point by developing an innovative solution — an automatic Gherkin format generator. This tool is designed to streamline the process of generating BDD step definitions. By utilizing a predefined Gherkin format, the generator takes a simple string or test case description as input, significantly reducing the burden on QA and Dev teams.

As QAIGen took the stage, the automatic Gherkin format generator seamlessly transformed complex BDD step definitions. The demo showcased how this innovation could save valuable time for QA and Dev teams, offering a peek into a future where testing becomes more efficient.

Team 2: Party Wolves: Unlocking Language Potential

Tackling the challenge of enhancing multilingual support in mobile apps, Party Wolves brought forth an innovative approach, leveraging OpenAI's language model with a user-friendly drag-and-drop framework for iOS applications.

Team Members: Sandeep Kumar Sharma, Charan Maddireddy, Suhas Nanyapattaje, Ramya Manjunath

Problem: Multilingual Support in Mobile Apps

In the realm of mobile applications, Party Wolves recognized a common challenge — the reliance on external sources for obtaining content in various languages. The current method of consolidating content from third-party platforms and incorporating it into a unified repository is not only time-consuming but also lacks efficiency.

Solution: OpenAI Language Model Integration

To address this, Party Wolves introduced a revolutionary solution leveraging OpenAI's language model. Their framework facilitates the dynamic localization of mobile app content through OpenAI API integration. With a drag-and-drop framework tailored for iOS applications, the team aims to enhance user experience by providing multilingual support effortlessly.

The Party Wolves' demo unfolded the simplicity of enhancing multilingual support in iOS mobile applications. The drag-and-drop framework showcased a user-friendly experience, where language barriers in mobile apps become a thing of the past.

Team 3: Code Companion - The Developer's Ally

Revolutionizing code generation, analysis, and unit testing, the Code Companion team presented an all-in-one tool. Equipped with a built-in code editor and AWS Lambda integration, it promised to streamline developers' workflows.

Team Members: Padmaprakash Jayabarathy, Jay Savlani, Nitin Sindhe, Deepak Sadasivamurthy, Dibyendu Saha, Shubham Saigal, Swati Saraf

Problem: Inefficiencies in Code Generation and Analysis

Developers face several challenges in the process of generating unit tests, including time-consuming strategy formulation, syntax familiarity, and code efficiency. Existing methods, such as conventional chat-based assistants, are often restrictive and require dedicated server implementations, leading to scalability issues.

Solution: All-in-One Code Companion Tool

Code Companion stepped in with a comprehensive solution — an all-in-one tool equipped with a built-in code editor and AWS Lambda integration. This desktop application provides developers with a dedicated environment for local history persistence, OS interaction, and efficient code generation, analysis, and unit testing. With features like local persistence, response modification, and viewer flexibility, Code Companion aims to revolutionize the coding experience.

Code Companion's demo revealed a world where code generation, analysis, and unit testing seamlessly coexisted in a single, efficient environment. The all-in-one tool showcased its capabilities, where coding becomes a more streamlined and collaborative process.

Team 4: Code Warriors- Decoding the PR Approval Maze

Alleviating delays in PR (Pull Request) approvals, Code Warriors introduced a Generative AI-based solution for efficient code reviews. Identifying issues with precision, their innovation aimed to revolutionize the PR approval process.

Team Members: Sandip Kumar Sharma, Swati Saraf, Kalyan Tarun Rongali, Naresh Rajappa, Chaithrashree Bangalore Kantharaju, Vijaya Lakshmi Gayam, Upanya U Pai

Problem: Delay in the PR Approval Process

Code Warriors recognized a significant bottleneck in the software development lifecycle — the time-consuming process of awaiting PR approvals. This delay often results in productivity losses, and the conventional human-led code review process may overlook critical issues.

Solution: Generative AI-Based Code Reviews

To mitigate these challenges, Code Warriors introduced a Generative AI-based solution for code reviews. By leveraging AI algorithms, their system aims to identify issues more thoroughly and quickly than traditional human reviewers. This includes detecting potential security vulnerabilities and optimizing code for better performance. 

Code Warriors' demo demonstrated the potential of Generative AI-based code reviews to identify issues efficiently and bring about a transformative shift revolutionizing the PR approval process. The demo provided a brief of the evolving landscape ahead where code reviews become more precise and less time-consuming.

Team 5: Tech Phantom's GDriveBot

Tech Phantom addressed the challenge of manual document searches in Google Drive with GDriveBot: an advanced Google Drive Connect Chatbot that promises to extract relevant information efficiently, reducing the time and effort required.

Team Members: John Mathew, Prajwal Jagadeesha, Ashwini Mahadevappa

Problem: Inefficient Document Searches in Google Drive

Manually sifting through numerous documents stored in Google Drive to find specific information poses a significant challenge. This process is not only time-consuming but also prone to inefficiency, especially when dealing with a substantial volume of data.

Solution: GDriveBot — Advanced Google Drive Connect Chatbot

Tech Phantom's innovative solution, GDriveBot, aims to automate and streamline the document search process in Google Drive. This advanced Google Drive Connect Chatbot efficiently scans documents, extracts relevant information, and provides accurate answers to users' queries. By doing so, GDriveBot significantly reduces the time and effort required for information retrieval, enhancing productivity.

Tech Phantom's demo showcased the efficiency of the advanced Google Drive Connect Chatbot. The GDriveBot efficiently navigated through documents, providing a visual of the future where manual document searches become a thing of the past.

Team 6: ReqAI by Team Paradox

Addressing the manual and time-consuming process of summarizing business requirements, Team Paradox presented ReqAI, an automated solution to user story creation and business requirement documentation using Generative AI.

Team Members: Adarsh Ajit, Anup Ram Kishor, Kumar Gaurav, Nandini Velmurugan

Problem: Manual and Time-Consuming Business Requirement Summarization

The process of summarizing business requirements documents, creating flow diagrams, and writing test scenarios is often manual and time-consuming. This can lead to errors, delays in user story creation, and impact the overall development timeline.

Solution: ReqAI — Generative AI for Business Requirement Documentation

Team Paradox introduced ReqAI, a powerful solution leveraging Generative AI to automate and optimize the business requirement documentation process. By utilizing data from Business Requirements Documents, ReqAI creates easy-to-understand JIRA tickets for development teams. It breaks down requirements into user stories with flow charts, test scenarios, and summaries, streamlining the entire user story creation process. Additionally, ReqAI can generate sample Business Requirement Documents with just a brief description, making it a versatile tool for project teams.

ReqAI's demo showcased the transformation of manual user story creation into an automated process. The demo provided insights into where business requirement documentation becomes more streamlined and efficient.

Team 7: AiMOM - Automating Meeting Minutes

Recognizing the challenges of manually generating meeting minutes, TechnoThinkers introduced AiMOM,  an AI-powered solution promising increased efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in managing meeting information.

Team Members: Shrutha Sekharaiah, Shiva S, Mohammed G Ameer, Sreejith Kallat Mohanan

Problem: Manual Generation of Meeting Minutes

Manually generating minutes of a meeting can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. This process requires someone to attentively capture important points, leading to potential issues such as incomplete or missing information, language barriers, and delays in sharing critical information.

Solution: AiMOM — AI-Powered Automated Meeting Minutes

TechnoThinkers addressed this challenge with AiMOM, an AI-powered solution that significantly reduces the time and effort required to create comprehensive meeting minutes. By employing speech recognition technology, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning algorithms, AiMOM accurately captures and summarizes meeting discussions. It ensures flexibility by supporting both live and recorded meetings, serving as a valuable knowledge repository for teams.

AiMOM's demo unfolded the efficiency and accuracy of AI-powered automated meeting minutes. The demo was a foresight into upcoming possibilities where note-taking during meetings becomes a relic of the past.

Team 8: SpeedRocks- Text Summarization

SpeedRocks focused on simplifying the consumption of articles and stories with text summarization, presenting a solution powered by GenAI Models that aimed to deliver concise information for users with busy schedules.

Team Members: Divyanshu Sharma, Hariprasath, Sourav Kundu, Veeramachaneni Sravani, Vimal Bosamiya

Problem: Information Overload from Articles and Stories

In a world filled with abundant articles and stories, individuals often find it challenging to keep up with reading due to busy schedules. Traditional methods of consuming lengthy content may not be suitable for users seeking quick and concise information.

Solution: Text Summarization Using GenAI Models

SpeedRocks addressed this challenge by proposing a solution that caters to busy schedules. Their text summarization tool, powered by GenAI Models, allows users to upload text or PDF documents for summarization. The tool condenses the content into concise summaries, providing users with the essential information from articles and stories without the need for extensive reading.

SpeedRocks' text summarization demo revealed a world where vast amounts of information could be condensed into concise summaries. The demo provided observed where article consumption becomes more efficient and tailored to busy schedules.

Team 9: InterviewMaite - P10 TechCreators

Transforming and optimizing the recruitment process, Team TechnoThinkers introduced InterviewMaite, an AI-driven interview platform promising to provide objective insights and address biases in traditional interviews.

Team Members: Jagan Mohan Bishoyi, Ravi Ubana, Surya Suraji, Vikas S K

Problem: Inefficiencies in Traditional Recruitment Processes

Traditional interview processes are often time-consuming, costly, and prone to subjective evaluations, biases, and legal risks. The unavailability of candidates and the financial burden on businesses make the process even more challenging.

Solution: InterviewMaite — AI-Driven Interview Platform

Team TechnoThinkers introduced InterviewMaite, an AI-driven interview platform that aims to transform and optimize traditional recruitment processes. By leveraging Generative AI technology, InterviewMaite automates and enhances key aspects of interviewing, providing objective insights to streamline decision-making. The platform actively engages with recruiters and HR professionals, setting new industry benchmarks for efficiency, objectivity, and cost-effectiveness.

InterviewMaite's demo promised to reshape recruitment processes, providing objective insights and addressing biases in traditional interviews. The demo was a sneak peek into what lies ahead when recruitment becomes more efficient, objective, and streamlined.

Team 10: RQB by Code-Catalysts

Bridging the gap between natural language and SQL queries, Code-Catalysts presented RQB. The Rapid Query Builder aimed to simplify database searches, enabling even those without SQL expertise to formulate complex queries effortlessly.

Team Members: Ankush Badgujar, Gayathri Pillai, Supradha Rao

Problem: Complexity in Formulating SQL Queries

For individuals without expertise in SQL, formulating complex queries, especially those involving intricate functions and keywords like JOIN and nested queries, can be a daunting task. The complexity of constructing SQL queries poses a barrier to effective information retrieval from databases.

Solution: Rapid Query Builder (RQB) — NLP to SQL

Code-Catalysts introduced RQB, a generative AI-based conversion tool designed to bridge the gap between natural language and SQL queries. The Rapid Query Builder enables users to translate straightforward questions for information retrieval into corresponding SQL queries. By transforming textual input into structured representations, RQB simplifies complex database searches, making them accessible to users without SQL expertise.

The Rapid Query Builder's demo showcased the simplicity of translating natural language into SQL queries. The demo hinted at forthcoming developments where interacting with databases becomes more accessible, even for those without SQL expertise.

Enthusiastic Participation


The enthusiasm among employees was palpable as teams embraced the challenge with zeal. The event was not just a competition; it was an opportunity for our tech enthusiasts to explore the limitless possibilities offered by Generative AI in addressing complex issues faced by businesses.

Beyond the competition, the event provided a glance at the upcoming innovations of People10. It highlighted not only the technical acumen of our teams but also our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Celebrating Innovation: Honoring the GenAI Winners

As we reflect on the groundbreaking solutions presented by each team, it's clear that our dedication to innovation remains at the forefront of our journey. While these innovative ideas may not have directly stemmed from our clients' or partners' needs, they showcase our commitment to anticipating and addressing potential challenges that our prospective clients may encounter in the future.

To give a competitive edge to this event, the judges had set a rigorous criteria that included:

Cost-effectiveness of the app

Scalability of the app

End-to-end integration of the app

The uniqueness of the idea, and,

Overall presentation/demo

However, with the diverse range of solutions showcased, selecting the top three emerged as a challenging yet rewarding task. Each of the teams offered unique and impactful contributions to the tech landscape. 

All the teams demonstrated splendid work and dedication but, the winners stood out for meeting all criteria and setting a benchmark for innovation. Despite their daily job tasks, they went the extra mile to ensure their ideas were executed flawlessly, setting a standard for excellence in innovation at People10.


Req AI by Team Paradox: Transforming Business Requirements Documents (BRDs) into actionable tasks using JIRA's platform. ReqAI streamlines the process of creating user stories, flow charts, and test scenarios from BRDs, enhancing efficiency and collaboration in project development.

Winner 2

InterviewMaite by P10 TechCreators: Revolutionizing the interview process with AI to streamline and enhance efficiency. InterviewMaite leverages AI algorithms to automate and optimize various aspects of the recruitment process, providing objective insights, streamlining decision-making, and addressing issues of the traditional interview process. 

Winner 3

AiMOM by TechnoThinkers: AiMOM employs speech recognition technology, NLP, and machine learning algorithms to accurately capture and summarize meeting discussions, ensuring flexibility for both live and recorded meetings while serving as a valuable knowledge repository for teams.

These winning innovations, along with the remarkable contributions of all participating teams, underscore our unwavering dedication to driving meaningful change in the tech industry. 

As we celebrate their achievements, we are excited about the potential impact these GenAI solutions can have on businesses. With our talented teams leading the way, People10 is poised to continue shaping the future of technology.

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