People10 at the World Aviation Festival 2023 – Lisbon, Portugal

“Get ready to soar into the future of aviation technology with People10 as we drive you through the World Aviation Festival 2023.”

The World Aviation Festival lasted for 3 incredible days, from September 26th - 28th 2023, at the FIL-Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre in Portugal. It was a real “who’s who” of the entire global aviation industry. People10 was proud to participate in this aviation tech event, which was backed by 12 conferences and 500+ speakers. This event was filled with leaders of world-class airlines, airports, and travel tech providers.  

Our exhibitors were Nandakumar Chetrabalan (Director- Software Delivery), Deepti Vij (Director- Software Delivery), and Kamal Chauhan (Director- Platform Delivery). They showcased the latest technologies and services we have to offer to aid potential clients in leveraging growth and performance in aviation technology. 


About the Event

A major aim of this event was to fulfill more reach, more flexibility, more choice, and more power to enable the tech transformation for the aviation industry. There were more than 5,000 attendees and 100+ exhibitors who would get the unique opportunity to discover cutting-edge products from various technology companies offering services to this industry. 

Aviation is diversifying beyond core operations. The World Aviation Festival was a premier event in the aviation industry, bringing together key players, thought leaders, and innovators to discuss the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of aviation. Tackling disruptions and enhancing customer experience were some of the hot topics at the conference. This festival provided a great platform for discussion, validation, and representation. Our booth, 1-198, was located in the Hall 1 area adjacent to Value Group and KIU Systems Solutions. Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the World's Aviation Festival, where innovation and technology took flight, our booth stood as a beacon of excitement with raffle giveaways. In a stroke of luck, one fortunate participant- Dhiren Subhachandra, (TAP Air Portugal) took home the grand prize - a Google Home Mini smart speaker, adding a touch of futuristic brilliance to their aviation journey.

During those 2 days, our booth was visited by many esteemed leaders of the industry, including  Ewelina Szawlis (CEO) PERMITS to Fly, Arpad Sooky (Head of Service Operations) Lufthansa Systems, Chris Roberts (Data Architect) Bristol Airport, Sergio Da Palma (Special Projects Manager) ARE, Karin Schramm (Performance and Management Communication) FMG - Flughafen München GmbH, Thomas Sergnese (Commercial Dpt. Manager) Value Group and many more.

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Speaker Sessions

The speaker sessions provided all the attendees an opportunity to learn more about aviation and aerospace. Among the speakers were Pablo Gomez (CDO, VivaAerobus) and Chris Gale (Product Lead, Mobile & App- Emirates), who gave an overview of topics like improving collaboration between airports and airlines to enhance the passenger experience and finding the best airline app.

Throughout the speaker sessions, attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, including valuable lessons learned. These sessions served as a catalyst for a deeper understanding of the aviation industry's customer experience dynamics and equipped participants with invaluable insights on effectively navigating and managing disruptions. The shared wisdom from industry experts illuminated new pathways for enhancing customer satisfaction and resilience in the face of challenges, leaving attendees better prepared to tackle the evolving landscape of aviation.

Networking Opportunities

With over 2,000 attendees hailing from approximately 25 countries, alongside more than 40 innovative startups and 50 valued partners, the World's Aviation Festival proved to be a pivotal gathering for the aviation industry. Attendees had a myriad of opportunities to engage and connect during the event. They could actively participate in discussions, traverse the event floor to engage with fellow attendees and exhibitors, and leverage the event app to foster connections and generate promising leads. 

After an action-packed second day of insightful sessions and productive interactions, the World's Aviation Festival took networking to new heights with a post-event celebration. This lively gathering provided attendees with an invaluable opportunity to unwind, foster relationships, and engage in more informal conversations. As the night unfolded, the festivities not only added a touch of enjoyment to the event but also strengthened the bonds forged during the day, ensuring that valuable connections continued to flourish well into the evening.

People10 Team at the World Aviation Festival

People10's participation in this festival was essential to communicating new ideas and establishing new connections. The entire festival provided valuable insight into how airlines and airports use technology in conjunction with retailers to advance their operations and increase their value chain. 

One of the most exciting trends discussed was the SaaS products, which were the most impressive and progressive solutions built on cloud services. It seems like airlines have started investing in cloud data to stay competitive in the market. 

With a focus on the latest technologies, digital transformation, customer experience, and industry collaboration, the WAF is the ultimate platform to stay ahead of the curve. We were engaged in panel discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops designed to address the key challenges and opportunities faced by airlines and airports. 

People10 focused on connecting with various professionals within the aviation industry, including airline executives, airport authorities, aviation technology providers, and potential clients. We demonstrated how our solutions can address specific challenges faced by the aviation sector. With the opportunity to participate in the panel discussions, we were able to validate our offerings and make improvements. Inspired by other fellow company's innovations and ideas, we will develop new and creative solutions tailored to the aviation industry's needs.

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Actions to be Taken

After participating in the World Aviation Festival event as a People10 team, we aim to maximize the value and opportunities gained from the event by, 

  • Connecting with event leaders for networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Conduct debriefing sessions with the team to analyze the data and insights gathered.
  • Offering the best solutions possible based on the information acquired during the event.
  • Initiating discussions about potential collaborations with companies.
  • Exploring opportunities to integrate services with company offerings.
  • Identifying new partnership opportunities within the aviation industry.
  • Considering customizing services or solutions to better cater to the specific needs of aviation industry clients.


The World Aviation Festival 2023 was a motivational and knowledgeable gathering that gave all participants much information and inspiration. It emphasized the astounding rate of technical advancement in the aviation sector and reinforced how crucial it is to keep up with the most recent advancements in order to stay competitive.

As a participant, we were delighted to be a part of this energetic community and to have the chance to interact with business executives, subject matter experts, and professionals from all over the world. We were especially eager to contribute our own cutting-edge software and solutions and to take in other people's experiences and insights.

We look forward to attending such events in the future. The event was a fantastic opportunity to learn insightful details about the most recent trends and advances in this sector. In order to encourage ongoing innovation and progress, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and imparting our knowledge and experience to others in the sector.


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