People10 had a great experience exhibiting at the Stockholm Tech Show in Sweden

People10 was proud to be an exhibitor at the Stockholm Tech Show on May 3rd & 4th 2023, in Stockholm, Sweden. Decision makers from enterprises across the globe as well as CIOs, CTOs, new product developers, and digital marketing managers made up the audience at this event. 

Our exhibitors were Rakesh Dahiya (CEO), Nisha Shoukath (President & COO), and Shambhavi Singh (Senior Scrum Master). They showcased the latest technologies and services we have to offer to aid our new connections and potential clients in achieving accelerated growth and enhanced performance.

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About the event

Attendees were afforded a unique opportunity to discover cutting-edge products and services from a plethora of tech companies at this event. Visitors had access to explore over 200 exhibition booths, and more than 100 speakers were on hand to deliver informative sessions, while hundreds of innovations, Hackathons, Startup-areas, morning seminars, and evening socials were accessible, providing an all-encompassing and immersive experience.

Our booth, K21, was strategically located in the DevOps area, nestled amidst the Cloud & Cybersecurity, Data Center World, AI, and Big Data areas, allowing us to attract maximum traffic. We were in close proximity to the Hackathon start-up stage, which hosted a multitude of engaging presentations. Among these, Karin Bengtsson (CEO of Kista Science City) delivered an insightful talk on "Exploring the EUSpace ecosystem". Additionally, a panel discussion on "Corporate - space as a new business opportunity" featured William Johansson, Innovation Lead at Swedish Space Corporation, Ted Elvhage, Managing Partner at Rymdkapital, and Hannes Ede, Business Coach at KTH Innovation, delving into this compelling topic. Our location provided an immersive experience for attendees, offering a multitude of opportunities to learn and network. 

During these 2 days, our booth was visited by many esteemed leaders in the industry, including Boris Abazher (Founder and CEO of Triare), Dariusz Sawicki (COO of  ExtraHut), Taras Tymoshchuk (CEO of  Geniusee), Giuseppe Santoro (CEO of ApuliaSoft), Daria Fedko (Board Member of European Federation of XR Professionals), Julia Olszewska (Marketing Manager of, and Robin Ö (CTO of Opsio).

Speaker sessions, keynote speakers & conferences:

A major highlight of the event was the speaker sessions and the conferences. Those who were part of the technical sessions benefited from an increased presence and visibility to the audience. These speaker sessions were free and available to all attendees.


On day 1 at stage 4, our President and COO, Nisha Shoukath, spoke about “Modernizing the IT landscape through cloud adoption” and how Cloud migration is becoming a popular choice for companies looking to modernize their IT infrastructure. The presentation highlighted the challenges faced with on-premises infrastructure and the benefits of cloud infrastructure. Some of the benefits of cloud migration include increased scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and improved security. However, companies must consider key factors such as business needs, existing IT infrastructure, security and compliance requirements, and the potential impact on their operations before starting the cloud migration.

Technical considerations, such as selecting the right cloud provider, assessing the readiness of existing applications and data for migration, and choosing the appropriate migration strategy, are crucial for a successful cloud migration. Data migration is another essential aspect that requires a well-planned strategy to ensure data integrity and security during the migration process.

The presentation also highlighted best practices for a successful cloud migration, including setting clear goals and timelines, involving all stakeholders in the planning and execution process, proper communication and documentation, and optimizing the cloud infrastructure for post-migration operations.

In conclusion, cloud migration offers significant benefits, and companies need to consider key factors and best practices to ensure a successful migration and continued success post-migration.

Some of the speakers and keynote speakers and their topics were:

  • Reem FahdiMrs (Vice President Solution Consulting,  Region EMENA – Kapsch TrafficCom)
    Topic: Sustainable mobility management for a digitalized smart city
  • Peter Dour (Solution Architect – Schneider Electric)
    Topic- Business Continuity Made Easy with New Modular UPS
  • Mårten Hellebro (Senior Cloud Architect – CloudWay)
    Topic: Only the most hybrid survive a 10-step survival guide
  • Colin Bell (CTO, AppScan – HCL Software)
    Topic: Securing Application Framework with Continuous Security
  • Jan Olsson (Detective Superintendent Police) keynote speaker
    Topic: Can you even operate in the shadow of cybercrime
  • Jan Soderstrom (Vice President and Head of Advanced Technology and Industry Group U.S – Ericsson) keynote speaker
    Topic: The capacity of the networks has grown exponentially for decades what comes next
  • Daniel Stenberg (Developer: WolfSSL) keynote speaker
    Topic: Curl is perhaps the world's most used software this is how it ended up in ten billion installations
  • Patrik Lowendahl (Global Head of Metaverse Service Hub – Avanade) keynote speaker
    Topic: Metaverse: a story about an ugly duckling's path to technological swan

Exhibitors,  Partners & Co-organizers: 

The exhibitors at the event were companies offering product development, IT services and solutions, high-tech innovation, and others, helping organizations in taking the next steps in implementing digital transformation as a new business model.

Main Partners:

Seminar Partners: 


Conference Partners:

Event Partners:

Partners and Co-organisers:

Networking Opportunities

The tech show presented a myriad of opportunities for industry professionals to connect and engage with one another. Attendees had the chance to network with suppliers, vendors, experts, and even competitors, while scheduled breaks encouraged the sharing of ideas and establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with potential clients and partners. The event served as a platform for professionals to exchange information, ideas, and best practices in the industry, while its networking opportunities proved to be a valuable aspect as well,, affording attendees the chance to expand their professional networks and foster lasting relationships.

To cap off the event, a meet and greet session was held on the evening of the 3rd, providing attendees with a relaxed setting to socialize and engage in random conversations. Adding to the experience, a special performance by Robin Bengtsson further enlivened the occasion. All in all, the tech show was an unforgettable experience that left us feeling inspired and energized for the future of our industry.

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The Stockholm Tech Show  had around 5,000 visitors coming from the IT & Telecom industry, Public Sector, Automotive and Manufacturing industries, Real Estate and constructions and others. The event provided an outstanding platform for Cloud and Cybersecurity professionals to stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in their respective fields. The event was a melting pot of ideas, featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops that covered a diverse range of topics related to Cloud and Cybersecurity. The opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into the latest developments in the field was unparalleled. Attendees were also able to network and establish new connections with other professionals in the industry.

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